Wegmans’ success due to passion, commitment of employees


By Melanie Petrucci, Senior Community Reporter

Wegmans Produce Management Trainee Janina Freedley. Photo/Melanie Petrucci
Wegmans Produce Management Trainee Janina Freedley. Photo/Melanie Petrucci

Northborough – Wegmans is ranked number 2 on the FORTUNE “100 Best Companies to Work For” list. Wegmans has been on the list for 21 years and the employees are the backbone of their success.

“We wouldn’t be who we are without our employees,” said Janina Freedley, a produce management trainee in Wegmans’ Northborough store. “We have our people to thank for everything from working hard to keeping our sales floor full of all the wonderful products we offer….It is due to their commitment, passion, knowledge and hard work that we as a company succeed.”

Freedley has been with the company since the store opened and started in the bakery, became a team leader, and has experience in five departments.

The Produce Management Trainee program, she explained, is “a great program that Wegmans puts together for their employees who are interested in furthering their career at Wegmans. The program is focused on yourself and your own development….There’s been a lot of guidance and support. It’s been a great experience… I get the opportunity to learn about so many different areas of the store.”

Wegmans is a family owned and operated business that began in Rochester New York in 1916. Wegmans in Northborough will celebrate its seventh year in October. It is one of 97 stores that are located in New York, Massachusetts, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Maryland and Virginia.

“Every day we give our best to our customers,” Freedley stated. “We like to be able to innovate and offer customers something that they maybe don’t have … and giving them a chance to taste a new product, we really just want to show them what’s out there in the world of food.”

Wegmans’ prepared food section has a variety of foods from vegetarian, vegan and ethnic choices including macaroni and cheese, soups, salads, main courses and sushi. There is a made-to-order sandwich and pizza bar as well. People can dine in the Wegmans’ café or take items home to “heat and eat.” Recipes are also available with a list of ingredients and where to find them in their store.

“What I really love about our produce department is that we are able to offer so any different items,” Freedley shared, noting that Wegmans partners with local farms to offer the freshest fruits and vegetables.

Wegmans will hold its annual Hatch Chile Pepper event Aug. 17 – 19. They will be roasting the variety of chile pepper from New Mexico in front of the store and highlighting them throughout the store.

Freedley also shared that Wegmans has a free app that customers can download onto their devices which will allow them access to digital coupons, recipes and grocery lists to make their shopping experience even better.

For more information about Wegmans, visit www.wegmans.com.