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Northborough chiropractor celebrates 35th anniversary of graduating

Dr. Karen Moriarty

Northborough – Dr. Karen Moriarty of Northboro Chiropractic will celebrate her 35th anniversary of graduating from chiropractic college Monday, Aug. 27.

As a teenager and young adult, Moriarty worked in various healthcare facilities. Though she loved taking care of patients, she became disheartened during this experience when she noticed that the vast majority of these patients weren’t getting significantly healthier and she decided to pursue a career in medical research.

During her last semester of her pre-med degree in biology, a good friend severely injured his lumbar spine, and asked Moriarty for a ride to a nearby chiropractor. After just a few adjustments, her friend felt well enough to return to his job while continuing to receive care to fully correct the damage to his spine and nervous system.

Moriarty was fascinated by this drug-free, natural profession that truly helps sick and suffering people get well by removing interference to their body’s ability to heal itself. Her friend’s experience inspired her to pursue and complete her chiropractic degree at Logan College of Chiropractic.

Moriarty has been in practice since 1984, and sees chiropractic as more than just a career – it’s a soul-fulfilling passion for her.

Northboro Chiropractic, located at 6 Maple St., can be reached at 508-393-2513 or visit www.northborochiropractic.com.

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