Northborough Historic District Commission seeks urgent support to save antique home


Submitted by Normand Corbin
Chair, Northborough Historic District Commission

The Northborough Historic District Commission is looking for some help to nominate the house at 156 Pleasant Street to be added to Preservation Massachusetts’  “Most Endangered Historic Resource List”.

We need documentation for the “Community Commitment” section of the nomination application.

Online comments can be used to support this effort.

Deadline is this Monday evening, August 20th  

The house is significant for several reasons;

  • It is one of the oldest homes left standing in Northborough, having been built in 1738
  • Previous owners read like a Who’s Who in Northborough history including; Fay, Hastings, Ball, Maynard, Bartlett and  Allen
  • Revolutionary War and Civil War veterans lived here. The first owner was Timothy Fay, who fought at the Battle of Bunker Hill when he was 60 years old.
  • This property was a working farm from 1738 to around 1955.  At one time it was about 140 acres.
  • Many home owners were very active in the community, including a physician,  town clerks, assessors, Board of Selectmen and owners of small businesses
  • The exterior and interior of the building still retain much of the original colonial architecture

Since 1993, Preservation Massachusetts has endeavored to spotlight endangered historic resources across the Commonwealth. The list is one of the first steps in focusing statewide attention on the resource’s plight, importance to the community and finding ways to work collaboratively toward a positive outcome.

By having this house added to the Most Endangered Historic Resource List, the property will be marketed throughout Massachusetts to buyers interested in purchasing antique homes.

A demolition request has been filed with Town Hall.  The 180 day demolition delay has started. The delay will allow time to investigate alternatives to demolition.

Thank you for your support.