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Girl Scouts create ‘Buddy Benches’ for Jaworek Elementary School

By Nance Ebert, Contributing Writer

Mackenzie Brennen (l) and Cassie Fiore with Emily Roca (laying on the bench) display one of their Buddy Bunches.

Marlborough – Emily Roca, Cassandra Fiore and Mackenzie Brennan of Marlborough Troop 75457 have been tirelessly working together to complete the requirements for their Girl Scout Bronze Award.

The award, which includes 20 hours of work on a project to attain, is the highest award given to the junior troop level.

The three Scouts made two Buddy Benches for the Sgt. Charles J. Jaworek Elementary School. They will be presented to the kindergarten classrooms of Tina Adamson and Elaine Stefanik, two teachers that the girls had when they were students at Jaworek. “Be a Buddy Not a Bully” will be imprinted on each bench.

“We had to work together to pick out the project we would do,” Mackenzie said. “The Buddy Bench actually wasn’t our first choice, but we didn’t have a lot of time and since a similar bench was made for another project, we thought this would be a good idea. We also came up with a perfect way to use it.”

“We hope the kindergarteners will love them and use them as a tool to talk about their feelings and learn to be kind to others while enjoying using them,” Mackenzie added.

The girls are hard at work on their benches.

Emily wrote a donation letter to Monnick Supply, who donated three cans of paint. The Boys and Girls Club also donated splatter paint. Mackenzie’s mother, Erin, also created 250 stickers that read “Thanks for Being a Buddy” that students will receive when they are nice to someone.

“I think our project will help the kindergarteners be friendly to each other and also be aware of ways to include other people so nobody is left out,” Emily said.

“To me, this award means a lot and it has been a great experience. This is the first time that I have done anything like this and I really liked working with a group. This is my way of trying to help the community and make the world a better place,” Cassandra added.

“I loved watching these three girls cooperate together and be open to change,” said Emily’s mother, Amy.

“We were really hands-off so the girls needed to step up to the plate. It was most impressive to watch and I am tremendously proud of them. I think this will have a big impact and to think that these benches are going to their kindergarten classrooms is quite memorable,” said Erin Brennan.

On Aug. 24, the girls presented their project at Jaworek Elementary School to the principal and the two kindergarten teachers. In addition to the two Buddy Benches, the girls also made a game to help the children talk about their feelings.

All three girls will start sixth grade at the Advanced Math and Science Academy at the end of August.

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