Northborough Daisy Troop members are environmental stewards


By Liz Nolan, Contributing Writer

Members of Girl Scout Daisy Troop #64982 and siblings showing bags of trash they have picked up at Assabet Park Trail parking lot area. Photos/Caitlin Borsini.

Northborough – Fifteen Kindergarten and first grade members of Girl Scout Daisy Troop #64982 have decided to make a difference in their community and become environmental stewards by picking up trash in parking lots at several of the Northborough trails.

The Troop is led by parents Caitlin Borsini, Jen Scalise and Kelly Guenette.

“Although the Northborough Trails Committee maintains the actual trails well, the parking lots are a mess,” said Borsini. “It’s a small way to make an improvement and the girls are able to see how much they can change a space.”

To date, the girls have worked on the lots at Carney Park/Cold Harbor Trail, Assabet Park Trail and Edmund Hill Woods Trail.

“The girls were surprised on what they found on the ground when trash cans are right there,” said Borsini.

For example, when cleaning up the parking lot area at Assabet Park Trail, three large trash bags were filled with coffee cups, straw wrappers, shoes, clothing, and even dirty diapers.

After picking up trash, the Troop hikes the trail and creates a collaborative nature art piece.

The girls’ commitment will help them earn their Clover Award.

Borsini hopes to schedule at least one more clean-up and hike this fall.

Photos/Caitlin Borsini.

Members of Girl Scout Daisy Troop #64982 earning their Clover Award showing their environmental responsibility by picking up trash.
Even though the Northborough trails are well maintained, the Daisy Troop members decided to bring a garbage bag on their hike just in case.