Letter to the Editor: Support Beal School Project

Beal School
File photo/Jerry Callaghan, Callaghan Photography
I am a mother of two children in the Shrewsbury school district and I care about the Beal School project because it is the best option for our kids and our community.  It is clear that the current century-old building on Maple Street is no longer suitable; from its lack of fire-suppression sprinklers to its poor HVAC system that fails to circulate outside air.  However, many people in the community are under the impression that a new school at the former Glavin Center is already settled.  The reality is that a number of options are still under review, including renovation of the existing Beal school or building a new school on the same site. The best option is to build a new school at the former Glavin Center site, but to make it happen voters on November 6th must vote “Yes” on the Beal School ballet question.  Many benefits will come from voting “Yes” such as universal full day kindergarten, the each elementary school will host K-4 classes, and gaining an additional school south of Route 9 to alleviate overcrowding of existing schools.  Additionally, building a new Beal School at the former Glavin Center site will result in the State contributing $34 million in funding, which will reduce the burden on taxpayers that will come with the renovation of the existing building or building a new school at the existing site.  I urge you to support a new and improved Beal School by voting “Yes” on November 6th.
Cheryl Bortnick
Shrewsbury, MA