Letter to the Editor: Support Beal School Project

Beal School
File photo/Jerry Callaghan, Callaghan Photography

I urge you to vote YES for Beal, on November 6th!

I am a mother of 4 children who have attended and graduated Shrewsbury Public Schools.  I have been a volunteer at all of

my children’s schools and I have been a substitute teacher here in Shrewsbury.  I know first-hand the value of full-day kindergarten and the detriment of over-crowded schools.  I opted for full-day kindergarten for all of my children.  Three attended full-day kindergarten at my own expense but the fourth did not “win” the required lottery for a spot of her own.  Every child should have the opportunity to attend full-day kindergarten, not just those who can afford to pay for it.  Our youngest, most impressionable students should not have to attend the oldest, least updated school in our district.  It is imperative and the best value as a tax-payer to build a new elementary school for our students and not just update the existing, outdated 1920s building. Let’s ease the overcrowding at all of our elementary schools and give our kindergarten and elementary students the space to thrive.

Please join me in voting YES on November 6th.


Kathleen Keohane

Shrewsbury, MA