Former Police Chief Gordon to be honored as ‘Good Scout’ of the Year


By Kate Tobiasson, Contributing Writer

Former Police Chief Alan Gordon File photo/Chris Weigl
Former Police Chief Alan Gordon
File photo/Chris Weigl

Westborough – For over four decades, Alan Gordon served on the Westborough Police Department, eventually becoming Police Chief in 2002. Earlier this year, as he formally retired from the force, he was feted by appreciative residents and officials. Now, there will be one more accolade for Gordon, as he will be honored next month as the Boy Scouts Mayflower Council’s Good Scout of the Year.

Each Boy Scouts council across America chooses one member of the community who has made a significant contribution to the community and has given of themselves to the benefit of youth.

There’s no question that Gordon is well-deserving of this title.

“I thought that this was one last thing that I could do to give back to the community,” Gordon said.

The truth is, Gordon has been an integral part of the town since his childhood, and he never stops thinking about what he can do to support and empower kids in town.

“Every year, I’ve attended the Scout award function. This is a very prestigious award. I look at all of the other honorees, and I don’t feel like I fit in with their profiles,” he confessed, a bit abashed.

Gordon spent his life in Westborough, and grew up as a Scout.

“Scouting today is different. It is great to see the diversity in the program. Scouting today provides so many more opportunities for kids. It makes me feel good to know that there is a future for this country- these kids are the future. They have a great work ethic and work to continue to improve themselves,” Gordon said, his eyes wrinkling with a smile. “Honestly, it was my work as an Explorer Scout that interested me in becoming a police officer. When I look at some of these wonderful kids in scouting, it is clear that they have the aptitude and are the type of person who I would want to see go into this profession.”

Throughout his tenure with the Westborough Police Department, Gordon had a number of marked contributions to the Scouts, as well as to Westborough Public Schools.  He attended numerous meetings with Scouting troops and schools to speak with children about the importance of their moral character, their work ethic, and the importance of a good education.

He had a significant impact on Westborough’s at risk youth, through the development of DA round table meetings. Each month, working as the police chief with the resource officers and the school administrators, Gordon held a meeting to talk about at risk youth. Westborough Youth and Family Services became involved, and with his predecessor, Glen Parker, Gordon set up the Youth Diversion Program.

“Once kids get involved with the courts, it becomes difficult. This program helps keep kids out of the court system. This program that we started helps to get kids and families the counseling that they need. Youth and Family Services did a fantastic job,” he noted. “I can’t begin to tell you about how many kids we were able to keep out of the court system, and to keep from getting criminal records. [Former WYFS Director]John Badenhausen and his councilors would help to put them on the right path.”

“I’m very humbled by this honor,” Chief Gordon said of the Good Scout of the Year Award. “When I look at the people who have been past honorees; there are such high standards that you have to meet to be honored like this. I feel like I’m going to do everything that I can to make a difference for these Scouts.”

This year’s Good Scout will be held Wednesday, Nov. 7 at the Doubletree Hotel in Westborough. For more information visit