After fire, Shrewsbury native is grateful for support


Family loses everything after Worcester apartment fire

The Cormier Family

Worcester – When Danielle Cormier awoke to the shouts of five men in apartment recently, she didn’t know what to think—but as the fog of sleep lifted, their words came into sharp focus: “Get up! Get out! Your house is on fire!”

Wearing just pajamas, she and her three children bounded out of their second floor Worcester apartment and into the frigid air on the night before Thanksgiving. As it turned out, the smoke detectors in the apartment were not working.  Once safely outside the apartment, strangers welcomed the shivering family into warm cars and neighbors opened their doors. The American Red Cross provided hotel vouchers and a set of clothing, a blanket, and stuffed animal for each of the three children: Noah, 10; Kayleigh, 9; and Shawn, almost 4.

The next day, the family celebrated Thanksgiving with Danielle’s parents and siblings in Shrewsbury. And despite what had happened, they were filled with gratitude. After all, they were alive.

Shrewsbury responded with an outpouring of support and donations of clothing and household items for the young family.

Unfortunately, though, the family’s GoFundMe page was down for several days. The page is back up, and donations are very much needed: The fund has raised just over a third of its goal of $15,000. The money will be used to replace furniture, clothing, electronics, bedding, towels, books, school supplies, toys and everything else that was lost.

On her Facebook page, Danielle has urged people to check their smoke detectors, and posted thanks:

“I was able to track down a few of the good Samaritans who SAVED OUR LIVES …four of them were HIGH SCHOOL STUDENTS who saw a burning building and ran INTO it, not away from it. They are my heroes forever, along with the Worcester Fire Department, the WPD, paramedics, and the Red Cross of America for helping us with hotel bills.

My heart is bursting with love, gratitude, disbelief, to every single person who donated to our GoFundMe. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

“If you are ever in the situation to help somebody, please do. Please be kind. Please be courageous. You could forever change somebody’s life. We will be paying this forward forever and ever and ever, happily.”

The family is hoping to be situated in their new home in time for Christmas.

For more information or to help, contact Vanessa Parks at 508-858-0271 or Danielle Cormier at 508-579-5783.