Vote for Brenda Brown for Shrewsbury Housing Authority


To the Editor:

Brenda Brown, longtime Shrewsbury resident, announced her intention to serve the town of Shrewsbury on the Housing Authority Board, and will be on the ballot during the annual election on Tuesday, May 7th, 2019.

With 33 years’ experience serving homeowners as a Real Estate Broker, Brenda has unique capabilities to serve the town.  She has a fresh vision to improve housing in Shrewsbury.    Brenda is excited to have an incredible amount of support for her run for office, and she looks forward to continuing to hear the concerns of the residents in the coming weeks.

The Shrewsbury Housing Authority Board of Commissioners provides leadership and advice, and advocates for current and future housing. Brenda sees the vital need for new affordable housing that is evident in the long wait periods for the displaced and underserved town residents.  Most of the current affordable housing has been built in the 1970’s with only 3 new single family houses added and some scattered 1 & 2 bedroom units throughout the town.

Brenda’s expertise in corporate relocation, new construction development, and outreach partnerships including her established non-profit, makes Brenda the best candidate for the position on the Housing Authority Board. She specializes in new construction and is a former Toll Brothers Sales Manager, A.J. Lane Development Director of Sales New England, Cutler-Brown Development Partner/Owner, and currently Brown & Brown Real Estate Partner/Owner.  She is responsible for over $109 million in gross sales production and has managed staff and project manager activities, set sub-division market prices, and options for the homes, established designs with architects, dealt with appraisers, banks, vendors, and hired real estate agents to perform bulk sales.

Brenda’s willingness to give back, by advocating for new affordable and fair housing, by serving with her focus on the senior citizens and veterans of Shrewsbury will be a great asset for the board.  Please connect with Brenda by email [email protected] or her personal cell number 774-570-0709.

On Tuesday, May 7th, 2019, please vote for longtime Shrewsbury resident, and advocate for senior housing Brenda Brown.  Together, we can create new, clean, safe, smart, and affordable housing!

The Committee to elect Brenda Brown