Vote for Bryant for Shrewsbury Housing Authority


To the Editor:

Having served for five years as an appointed Commissioner on the Shrewsbury Housing Authority, I was enthused and excited when my friend Beth Shea Bryant told me she was seeking election to this important Authority.

I know well that Beth has the exact credentials, experience, compassion and dedication required to serve the needs of the hundreds of seniors and those with disabilities who are, in part, the responsibility of this important board.

Beth has dedicated her life to caring for all of our most vulnerable residents.

She is a registered nurse with some 35 years’ experience working with low income seniors, most whom live in low income housing. She serves on our town’s Commission on Disabilities.

She knows and understands the needs of our community having living here almost all of her life, graduating from our High School. Her two daughters were educated in our school system.

Beth is an active, elected Town Meeting member focused on the needs of all of us in this community.

From my experience on this Authority, Beth Shea Bryant is exactly what is needed: a dedicated people person who will be found walking the corridors of its buildings and visiting the myriad units we have been asking residents “How can we help?” and then advocating for their needs.

It is time for Beth.  Please vote for her!


Kevin T. Byrne

Former Commissioner of the Shrewsbury Housing Authority