Vote for Samia for Selectman


To the Editor:

John Samia’s experience, including his work as General Counsel for American Superconductor Corporation and tenure on the Shrewsbury School Committee, make him the best candidate for the Shrewsbury Board of Selectman.

John has exceptional fiscal and business knowledge including familiarity of town and school department budgets, state and federal funding sources to the Town of Shrewsbury, solid analytical skills and the ability to make important, well thought out decisions that will benefit our community.

I had the pleasure of serving with John on the Shrewsbury School Committee.  As a new member I was immediately impressed by John’s knowledge of the intricacies of the school budget process and insight into the needs of our schools as well as the town.

John was an excellent steward of the taxpayer’s dollars and balanced the needs of the school district and the town.  He understands the reality of budget constraints and looked for opportunities and innovative solutions to current issues as well as expected future needs. He also championed the need for fiscal projections and worked to create a high-level fiscal management tool to identify near and long-term trends.

John has firsthand knowledge of the past and present issues facing our community; has needed critical thinking, financial and analytical skills; as well as a strong understanding of the complexity of town budgets.  John is an excellent listener and will work with all stakeholders in our community to be sure the Town of Shrewsbury remains an excellent community in which to live. These are all key skills and credentials needed to be successful in the role of Selectman.

John will be an active and contributing member of the Shrewsbury Board of Selectman on his first day.  He will bring to the position the enthusiasm; work ethic and the transferable skills needed to ensure the welfare of our town and its citizens.

Please vote for John Samia for Shrewsbury Board of Selectman.


Sandra M. Fryc