Vote to re-elect Campaniello to the Shrewsbury Housing Authority


To the Editor:

I am writing today to ask the voters in Shrewsbury to cast their Housing Authority vote for Paul Campaniello.  I have known Paul for over 20 years and have had the pleasure of working alongside him for 10 years on the Shrewsbury Housing Authority.  As a fellow board member, I have seen, firsthand, Paul’s thoughtful and collaborative approach to complex issues.  I have witnessed his responsible approach to managing our fiscal budget as well as compassion when advocating for our seniors.

I can tell you Paul looks at all sides of every issue.  He is compassionate and collaborative. Paul has lived in this community his entire live. Paul is also a founding member of Shrewsbury Oil Assistance Relief, a local charity created solely to provide a safety net in the winter months for Shrewsbury residents struggling to afford their fuel.

Paul has been a Town Meeting Member since 1989 and has served on various philanthropic and non-profit host committees and been an enthusiastic charitable supporter of many town projects, like the Library Capital Campaign.

During his tenure on the Shrewsbury Housing Authority, it has returned nearly half million dollars to the town, while increasing housing and providing town services such as the Council on Aging Van subsidiary.

Paul brings experience, compassion, collaboration and business acumen to the Housing Authority. Please join me in voting for him on Tuesday May 7th.

Richard Ricker