Re-elect Campaniello to Shrewsbury Housing Authority


To the Editor:

Paul Campaniello has shown proven leadership during his 10-year tenure as a Shrewsbury Housing Authority (SHA) member.  He works tirelessly to help facilitate safe, affordable housing to the seniors of Shrewsbury and is a strong advocate for the veteran population of this community.

Paul has worked in collaboration with board members to complete the construction of five new units of housing in town, and using his expertise in cyber security, was personally involved in the launching of a new website.  The website is an effective tool for keeping the entire Shrewsbury community informed about various programs available to them, and provides the current wait list of the SHA.

Paul is exceptional in his ability to show compassion with the residents while at the same time using his expertise in finance to manage a multi-million dollar budget. He is committed to working with the SHA staff to insure that residents’ physical, social, and emotional needs are met.

Paul has deep roots in the Shrewsbury community, having been a town meeting member since 1989.  He was educated in the Shrewsbury Public Schools, is a graduate of St. John’s High School and earned his bachelor’s degree and master’s degree from Bentley University in Waltham, MA.  He is a founding member of SOAR (Shrewsbury Oil Assistance Relief), and currently serves on the Beal Reuse Committee.

Paul Campaniello is an effective and committed member of the Shrewsbury Housing Authority who has shown strong leadership as a Chairperson of the Housing Authority and I urge you to join me in voting to re-elect him on May 7th.

Gail Racicot