Vote for Lebeaux and Samia for Shrewsbury Board of Selectmen


To the Editor:

John Lebeaux’s broad and diverse job experience, I believe lets him bring a very complete vision to the Shrewsbury Board of Selectman.  He knows firsthand the complexities of the systems of governing; both the positives and negatives.

During many meetings, I have watched both his frustrations with unfunded mandates as well as his satisfaction with the state legislature’s increasing funding to local communities.

As Shrewsbury is in the throes of growth, requiring innovative thinking and approaches, I believe John will be a balancing force between the necessary new and old visions.

While serving on Shrewsbury’s School Committee, John Samia proved to me over and over that he has a genuine commitment to making thoughtful, pragmatic and holistic decisions.  He clearly and succinctly articulated sound, proactive and caring reasons for recommending an override vote in 2014 after doing exhaustive research.

Most importantly, for me, John has navigated his personal tragedy with such grace and grit, which I believe will help him to look at the town’s issues with a combination of compassion and pragmatism.

Please vote for them on May 7.

Nancy L. Woron