Vote for Milton for Board of Selectmen


To the Editor:

When I think of how I want my government to reflect our values, the first thing that comes to mind is representation. Even though we collectively live in the same township, we don’t all think alike. Our different perspectives should be reflected by our leadership. We are not all of one mind and to expect that unanimous decisions are the only way to govern, is hasty.

It’s time once again, to vote for a new representative that will carry out our best interests at heart. We should not just choose a candidate based solely on rhetorical promises or banners of experience, rather one that sees issues and offers potential solutions to those issues. This year Northborough voters have a choice of three candidates for selectmen. Based on my research thus far, I feel that Millie Milton is the best choice for this year’s race. She is a small business owner with a great deal of experience in working with the town and its processes, as well as offering a product that invites economic improvement to Northborough’s downtown. What better way to bring diversity to this Board than a person who finds success by listening to her clientele?

Millie has been very involved in our community and has invested her time to attend many board and committee meetings to establish a working knowledge of what’s been going on in town. In addition, she has reached out to individuals to hear their concerns and ideas, so that she has firsthand knowledge of what our residents and business owners need.

Millie brings a diverse perspective with mature curiosity. Northborough needs a downtown revitalization and that takes more than just a new Master Plan. Millie has already done the ground work and put her money where her mouth is with her Bistro, let’s let her share her expertise and creativity to bring a unique set of tools to the Board of Selectmen.

It’s time to try a new approach to economic development, downtown revitalization, and problem solving. Vote for Millie Milton for selectmen on May 14th . I know I will.


Allen P. Arsenault


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