Vigeant proposes $169 million FY 2020 city budget


By Vicki Greene, Contributing Writer

Marlborough – Mayor Arthur Vigeant sent his proposed $169 million municipal budget for fiscal year (FY) 2020 to the City Council on May 2. The proposal represents a 3.8 percent increase over last year. A Public Hearing has been scheduled for May 20, 8 p.m. at City Hall, Second Floor in the Council Chamber.

In a May 2 letter to the Council, Vigeant noted “we anticipate a real estate tax increase next year of under 3 percent.”

The School Committee approved a $63.5 million FY 2020 budget, resulting in an approximate 3 percent increase and includes five new full-time educator positions. The School Department budget makes up 52 percent of the city’s total budget.

Increased costs in health care are included in the FY 2020 proposal with recommended plan increases of 5 percent for EPO Senior Plans, 7 percent for PPO plans and 7 percent for Dental plans.

Vigeant stressed in his letter to the Council that the proposed budget does not include an expected $1 million increase in state aid given that the state must first pass a budget before municipalities can include the aid in their budgets.  He indicated that his Capital Plan will be forthcoming and “will not be as large as previous years due to the pending Library and Fire Station projects.”

“This year’s increase is less than last year,” said Councilor Michael Ossing, chair of the Council’s Finance Committee.  “I’m expecting a smooth budget process.”

The Finance Committee reviewed the budget at a May 9 meeting and while Ossing and several other Councilors indicated they were comfortable with the proposed budget they are looking ahead to next year and potential cost increases due to the new elementary school, city recycling and solid waste contract costs.

The Mayor’s proposed budget is posted online at