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By Judy Boyle

Thank you to everyone that reached out after reading my recent article “Why a Local Real Estate Agent is the Right Choice.” It was risky but I appreciate you letting me know that you enjoyed my sarcasm and transparency. My dear father, rest his soul, would be proud to know I never forgot how to be honest and tell it like it is…and always try to bring value to the conversation.

When I spoke with each of you, I asked what you would like to see in future real estate articles. The message was loud and clear: You don’t need any more tips on how to improve curb appeal. You already know that you need to clean your house before you list it. And you absolutely never want to hear again that updated kitchens and bathrooms increase the value of your home. You told me you want something fresh…something “meaty.” Message received. With this article I am kicking off a series titled “What Your Real Estate Agent Doesn’t Want You to Know.” Let’s begin with the story of Joe the Accountant.

Joe called me recently to show one of my listings. He needed me to meet him there because he didn’t have the device that opens the lock box that houses the key. When I called Joe back I was greeted by “Hi this is Joe of Hookem and Sinkem. Please expect a delay in my response as it is tax season.” When Joe called me back two days later, Joe told me his clients are really interested and could I possibly show them the house because he was “flat out doing taxes.” Putting my seller’s interests first, I accommodated the showing and these buyers ultimately got the house.

Joe never did show up for the home inspection because he was still “flat out doing taxes.” A few things came up that the seller would have reasonably addressed. What Joe neglected to tell his clients, however, was that they had a deadline in which to make any requests. By the time Joe had the time to request that the sellers issue a credit, the deadline had past. Joe now had to find the time to advise his clients that they had to buy the house as is or terminate and lose their escrow deposit. The buyers opted to move forward but were not happy. Joe, I later learned because they told me, had advised these buyers to offer 10 percent over the asking price and that he would recuperate some of that after the home inspection.

At the final walk through (sans buyer agent in attendance because, well, you know) the buyers revealed to me that they had never even met Joe. They found my listing online through a third-party website. Joe was just a click away and they were impressed he called back within minutes although he never once mentioned he had another full-time job. Cha-ching for Joe the Accountant.

So, the moral of this story is to know your agent. If time permits, interview your agent before you begin working together. Go ahead and ask your agent if he or she has another job that may prevent him or her from being there to represent your interests. Buying a house is a pretty big deal and you want to know that you are represented by a full-time agent who will put your best interests before their own.


Boyle lives in Northborough where she is also the chapter leader of the Neighbor Brigade, a nonprofit organization that assists families in times of crisis. She has been a real estate agent since 2003 and consistently wins awards and accolades for excellence in customer service and sales volume, and was most recently named to the RE/MAX Hall of Fame.

Her mission is to empower her clients to make smarter decisions through data-driven insights and local market knowledge. She invites you to follow her on Facebook at www.facebook.com/judyboylerealtor, call or email her for the Spring ’19 Home Buyer and/or Seller Guides or for a FREE market analysis.


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