Now is the time to take action to save the Earth


To the Editor:Now is the time to take action to save the Earth

It may not be very visible but it is happening. Our Earth is being ripped apart in front of our very own eyes due to many different colossal impacts.  Animals becoming extinct, trees getting cut down left and right. What is the cause? I hate to say it but the sole cause of this is us.  We are destroying our home. Our only habitable planet. We are carelessly taking from the Earth but there are a very few of us who are actually giving back.

Now, in 2019, thousands of children and adults cannot even leave their houses without wearing masks on their faces to protect them from deathening gases caused by combustion.  Not only are humans being affected, but so are various species of animals. Millions of animals die every day just as a result of pollution. Between 200 and 2,000 species of animals become extinct every year.  Not only that, but due to global warming, glaciers that once stood vehemently are melting! This is demolishing numerous animals’ habitats and rising ocean levels. These rising ocean levels are washing people’s houses away under their very own feet. We have ignored Mother Nature and carelessly trashed our home. For what? So humans can have better lives? Well, I think that we should start caring a little more about our planet as a whole. You may be thinking that there are millions of people out there trying to fix this problem, so why should you bother helping?  Well, if everyone thought that way, there would be no help.

There is nothing we can do about what is already done, but we can pave the path for the future.  You may be thinking “What difference am I going to make?”  Well, with an effort, you can make a robust difference.  Little things that you do every day all add up and you could be saving hundreds of lives.  One thing that you could do is limit the trash you produce. For example, if you are going to buy crackers, do not buy individual packaged crackers; buy one big pack.  This will eliminate numerous bags of trash. Another thing you can do is recycle more. There is a lot of unnecessary trash that gets thrown in the ocean that could have rather been recycled.  Now that we are talking about the ocean, keep in mind that water is another thing that we need to conserve. A great way to conserve water is by taking shorter showers. Many people in rural areas die from water shortages.  Doing little things like not leaving the water running while you are brushing your teeth can save hundreds of lives. One last tip that can make a strong impact is not creating too much combustion. A great way to do this is to walk to places where a car is not needed.  Not only will this reduce air pollution but it will give you great exercise as well!

All in all, this is the right time to start taking action.  We cannot keep waiting; we have to start working. If we do not start now, the fate of our planet is at stake.  Remember: little actions go a long way!

Sia Gandhi

The writer is a 13 year old resident of Southborough and student at the Trottier Middle School.

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