Sherwood Middle School bids farewell to its principal


By Melanie Petrucci, Senior Community Reporter

Dr. Jane Lizotte (center) signs yearbooks as the last time as the Sherwood Middle School principal.

Shrewsbury – “Happiness, Peace and Love” was the message that Dr. Jane Lizotte added to her signature as she signed yearbooks for the last time as the principal of Sherwood Middle School, on June 14, the last day of school.The line was long for students who waited patiently for her signature.

Lizotte will move into a new role within the school district on July 1 as assistant superintendent of community partnerships and well-being. In this position, which is new for the district, Lizotte will work to address an increasing need to seek funding through other community resources, and to meet the social-emotional needs of Shrewsbury’s student population.

Gold Team students Jake Martin (l) and Arthur Alves
Orange Team students Ava Landis (l)  and Isabella Martin
Students from the Green Team: (l to r) Angelina Tera, Kennedy Lane, Mullen Faucher, Annika Nelson and Daniella Terra
Students from the Purple and White Teams (l to r) Letitia Maciel, Arthur Pires, Nelson Dos-Santos, Beatrize Oliviera and Valentina Pires