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There are many things to consider when listing your home for sale.  After choosing the right real estate agent, determining your time frame and pricing goals, its time for you to look at your house objectively.

This is often easier said than done.  I was personally horrified when I looked at my own house with my “real estate eyes”!  So many times we don’t even see the imperfections that stick out like sore thumb s to potential buyers.  It can be as simple as replacing burnt out lightbulbs to refreshing rooms with a coat of neutral paint.  This is the time to enlist the help of your agent and perhaps even a professional stager.

Here are some general tips:



Tidy up shrubbery, plants and walkways.  Make sure the lawn is freshly mown.

Power wash the siding and make windows sparkly clean.

Make sure there is no rotting wood or peeling paint.

The entryway should be welcoming.  Add a blooming plant for color, or a piece of outdoor furniture if possible.

If you are having evening showings, the walk and entryway should be well lit.



It seems like common sense, but a clean and uncluttered home will sell much easier than a messy home.  it is often worth the investment of hiring professional cleaners.  Make sure that all personal items are removed and tchotchkes are kept to a minimum.  Your goal is to make buyers imagine themselves living in your home with very little effort.  A few well thought out and well placed items that add pops of color and direct your buyers sight through the space are just what we want.


Pare it down!

Too much of anything, can be overwhelming.  Too much furniture, heavy window treatments, and wall decor should be removed.  Although wallpaper is making a comeback, yesterday’s wallpaper should be removed if possible.  Less is definitely more.


Think Neutral!

Color is wonderful, but only when used sparingly and judiciously.  If you have bold colors, outdated colors, or colors that do not flow from room to room, it would be well worth considering an update with a neutral palette.  Today’s buyers have come to expect that houses look like they do on HGTV, and they generally do not want to have to remove wallpaper or paint when they move in.  The more “move in ready” your house is, the more appealing it will be.



Let’s be honest, none of us think our house stinks, but sometimes it just might.

Nothing turns off a potential buyer more than an unsavory smell. Smoke, pets, and food odors that linger should be eliminated.  Most often a good cleaning and an odor neutralizer will do the job.  You can try the old scented candle trick, but a savvy buyer might suspect that you are attempting a cover up.  Again, your best bet is to neutralize the odor, and just keep it clean.

I believe strongly that a well staged home will sell faster and for more money, and there is evidence to back me up.  According to realtor.com, “On average, staged homes sell 88% faster and for 20% more than nonstaged ones.”

As a courtesy to my sellers, I pay the initial consulting fee for a professional stager when the listing contract is signed.  The stager is often able to use much of the homeowner’s items, but has the expertise to rearrange, pare down or build up in such a way the house will look fantastic!

Call me today for a complimentary comparative market analysis to determine what your home is worth, and I’d be happy to give you more details about readying your home for sale!


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