When the boys came marching home


By Michael Perna Jr., Contributing Writer

A parade honors those who served in Great War
Photo/courtesy Michael Perna Jr.

Shrewsbury – After the end of World War I, known also as the “Great War” or “The War to End all Wars,” Shrewsbury held a welcome home celebration for the men and women that had served in the military during the war. A large scale parade was held, along with various ceremonies and speeches. In fact, the town also had medals, bearing the town seal and inscribed with each service member’s name, produced. These were presented during the course of the festivities. In our photograph, we see several platoons of soldiers marching along Main Street – these may have been either returning veterans or local National Guard troops.  Those who lost their lives in the war were commemorated on a monument at the base of a flagpole in front of the Major Howard W. Beal School – this was replaced in recent years by an updated set of monuments in the same location as the flagpole.