An oasis of beauty in Westborough


By Bonnie Adams, Managing Editor

Westborough – For New Englanders, summer weather can mean many things – days at the beach, traveling to fun locations or just sitting outside, enjoying the sunshine.  For a local Westborough woman, Sherly Veeraragavan, summer means hours of pleasure working in her gardens.   And over the past 25 years, she has created a beautiful oasis of not just flowers and shrubs, but also multiple types of fruits and vegetables.

By day, Veeraragavan is a busy biosci lab specialist at Wellesley College.  On a recent late summer morning, her husband Kannappan Ragavan showed off the literal “fruits” and flowers, of his wife’s hard work. Throughout their property, there were many plants still in bloom in a side garden that also had interesting sculptural pieces creatively displayed. Fruit bushes were protected by screened wooden frames to keep out unwanted critters who also might delight in the yummy fruits.

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There are also several outdoor water barrels throughout the yard that Veeraragavan uses to keep everything hydrated.

As proud as he is of his wife, Ragavan admits he himself does not have a green thumb, but rather, provides much of the hard labor.

“I moved a lot of the rocks around and built the frames!” he laughed. “That’s my contribution!”