Love in motion


By Bonnie Adams, Managing Editor

Westborough – When the weather is nice, Rose Belle, a five-year-old Cavachon, and her owner, Sarah Malone, like take a walk around Westborough’s downtown. If the weather is really nice and Rose Belle is really lucky, they will stop at the Dairy Queen, too, to get them both a little treat.

The two have been together ever since Sarah adopted the little dog in 2014.

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What’s remarkable is that when Rose Belle goes on her stroll with Sarah, she uses a small rear cart with wheels attached to it, because she was born without back feet. Even more remarkable, Sarah actually made the cart for Rose Belle when she worked at the company, Eddies’ Wheels for Pets, in Shelburne Falls, about two years ago.

“She actually has no problem getting around, in spite of not having back feet,” Sarah said. “She just moves faster with the wheels!”

Wherever they go, the two attract attention from people of all ages who love to pat Rose Belle (who loves them right back) and hear their story.

“She really loves kids especially,” Sarah said. “She just lights up around them.”

“She is the sweetest little dog and I am always so happy that she puts a smile on so many people’s faces.”