Donna Stock, Good for Grafton


To the Editor:

I’m writing to express my support of Donna Stock for the Grafton Select Board. While we are incredibly lucky to have two people willing to serve, I wanted to share why I am voting for Donna in the upcoming election. Having served with Donna on the Grafton School Committee for seven years, I can attest first hand to the qualities she has demonstrated that will serve Grafton well in the years to come. She is the consummate public servant having volunteered in many positions within the Grafton community for over 25 years. She served on the Grafton School Committee from 2004 -2014, various town subcommittees and, more recently, stepped up to serve on the Disability Commission.

Donna leads with transparency and integrity. She learns the issues before her and works to reach consensus. She is available to members of the public, and acts as a member of the team. During her tenure on the School Committee the town faced some of its most difficult fiscal years and Donna looked for every opportunity to control costs and raise revenue. For many years she spent her time going through the budget, line item by line item. She was always very sensitive to the needs of the larger community, and their ability to pay.

This type of leadership and fiscal prudence is exactly what our town needs. Her experience with the school budget (the largest part of our overall town budget), will serve us well and her love of Grafton and willingness to serve again comes at a time when we need it most.

I hope you will join me in voting for Donna Stock for Grafton Select Board on Tuesday, October 29th.



Teri Turgeon


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