Vote for Stock for Select Board



Vote for Stock for Select Board

To the Editor:

Call me old fashioned, but I long for simpler times. A time when people spoke to one another face to face with civility to reach a compromise, instead of posting inflammatory comments on blogs and Facebook. A time when those who have served our community over the years continued to be appreciated and recognized for their contributions. Service to one’s community does not have an expiration date.

For these reasons, I will cast my vote for Donna Stock in the upcoming special election for Grafton Select Board (formerly called Selectmen). She is a class act who embodies professionalism, intelligence and ethics. There is a long list of community organizations, boards, committees or events she has been involved in over the years, most in which she held a leadership position. When Donna commits to something, she goes all in.  Her knowledge of the town and its workings remains strong and I know she will be a productive member from day one. After watching some of the recent antics at the Select Board meetings, I feel this election is crucial for our town. I trust Donna will be a voice of reason and integrity going forward.

Lastly, although it is permitted in the town charter, I do not believe that anyone serving on the Select Board should also be employed by the town. In my view, there are too many gray areas for potential conflict of interest. Donna is a clean slate ready to tackle all the issues without bias.

Please join me in voting for Donna Stock for Select Board on October 29th.



Sandra Iafolla


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