Marlborough to hold Municipal General Election Nov. 5


Marlborough – Mayor Arthur Vigeant will be facing off against challenger David Garceau when the city of Marlborough holds it’s Municipal General Election on Tuesday, Nov. 5. (See statements from the two candidates below.)

Voters will also be asked decide on candidates for various city council seats as well as three of the Marlborough Public School Committee seats and Marlborough’s seat on the Assabet Valley Regional Technical High School Committee. For a complete list of candidates visit

Polls will be open from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m. For more information contact the City Clerk’s Office at 508 460-3775.

Arthur Vigeant


Hello, my name is Arthur Vigeant, and I have had the honor and privilege of serving as the Mayor of this great city for the past eight years. Working together with the City Council, School Committee, department heads, employees, and our residents, we have had successes that are the envy of communities throughout Massachusetts. We are genuinely working together to obtain real results and continue to move Marlborough forward.

I am very proud of the fiscal strength of our community.  Smart fiscal policies and prudent financial decision making has led to the City of Marlborough earing a AAA bond rating for the first time in city history. This rating will allow us to save hundreds of thousands of dollars by borrowing at a much lower interest rate.  In addition to this, we have been able to limit tax increases on our residents by greatly increasing the business tax base, which also created almost 7,000 living wage jobs and lowered the unemployment rate to near 2 percent, well below the state average.

I believe my working relationship with the Commonwealth of Massachusetts is a great benefit to the City of Marlborough. I serve on several boards and commissions including serving as the 2019 Massachusetts Mayors’ Association President. These relationships ensure Marlborough a seat at the table while discussing funding and other issues.

Over the next two years, I look forward to:

  • Continued dedication to roads and infrastructure with a commitment to maintaining our planned minimum of $5 million of improvement per fiscal year.
  • Opening our new elementary school on time and below budget. Our students and adequately investing in them needs to be a top tier priority, and that is why our school system continues to improve.
  • On-going municipal improvements, including our enhanced library and new fire station, which will better serve individuals who live on the west end of Marlborough. These have been identified as goals through my work in the community and with education and safety professionals.
  • Continue to add positions and apparatus to assist the Marlborough Police and Fire Departments in ensuring public safety is our top priority.

I am grateful for the faith and trust placed in me by our city residents for the last eight years. I am proud of my administration and all that we have been able to achieve while ensuring our community is affordable, competitive, and on a sustainable path. I am respectfully asking for your support in the November 5 election to continue our progress and ensure this great community remains a place we are proud to call home.

David Garceau


Hello, my name is David Garceau and I am running for the office of Mayor for the city of Marlborough in the Tuesday, Nov. 5 election.

Not only being a lifelong resident of Marlborough I have worked here as a Police Officer for 39 years. I married here and raised my two sons David Jr. and Andrew, seeing them through their elementary schools years first at Immaculate Conception School and then on to Marlborough Middle School and Assabet Valley Regional Technical High.

Having been here all this time I have noted, I have had the opportunity to see the changing times in this city and at the current time there are a number of issues that loom to determine what shape our city will be in the future.

Of principle concern is the accelerated pace of development in this city. While we have been told that economic development would bring additional tax revenue to the city, I have seen that it increased property values and more tax increases because of the stress and the additional services to our community.

At the present time our clean water system namely Lake Williams and Millham Reservoir have been off line, no attempts to reclaim those bodies of water have been attempted. We have lost tremendous savings in water costs as a result.

We are down to our last open space parcels of which the city needs not only for green space but future use as the needs of the city grow.

A looming baby boomer and disabled population in Marlborough has shown the need to plan for an additional Marlborough Housing Complex to meet the current and future housing demands for our residents, not out of town 40B and Section 8. The same people that cared for us and our city deserve at that, an affordable unit in the same city they have called home and to their families.

At present time there has been talk of a new fire station in the west end of the city, in fact the need has been on the table and a topic of the current mayor, since at least 2013. With the concerns for the safety of the residents and visitors to Marlborough’s west end, I think enough talk has been made. A new fire station needs to happen now.

A more comprehensive public safety plan has to be created and implemented in Marlborough with the rising population and traffic congestion. More public safety to meets the growing demands has to be recognized and put into place.

Lastly is our diversity of schools and the Marlborough Public School System. Marlborough offers a diversity of elementary school options, ranging from Marlborough’s Public Schools to Math and Science and Parochial School setting to Assabet Valley Regional Technical High School. All in Marlborough and all available to Marlborough’s young people.

As mayor I will work hard to see that Marlborough fulfills the needs of its residents and place a more controlled and regulated development pace on the city we all love and choose to make our country kind of city.

Please on November 5th, be part of the movement for change, stand up and be counted. Vote Dave Garceau for Mayor.