Westborough Civic Club donates five $1,000 scholarships to graduates

Civic Club board members present awards to Westborough students. (l to r) Tari Shea, President Walter Leslie, Helena Spofford, Sam Anzeda, Lydia Yearick, Ritu Somayaji, Jenna Rutberg, Tom Dwyer, and Treasurer Mark Lippitt

Westborough – The Westborough Civic Club granted five graduating students from Westborough High (WHS) each a $1,000 scholarship for their continuing education this fall. The recipients were selected by the school’s Nominating Committee on the basis of the student demonstrating a healthy interest in civic affairs, displaying good citizenship, and having a record of community service and fellowship in the community as demonstrated during their high school career. The 2019 recipients were WHS graduates Helena Spofford, Sam Anzeda, Lydia Yearick, Ritu Somayaji, and Jenna Rutberg.





The Civic Club has resources to fund these scholarships from their annual Tree, Wreath, and Roping Sale held each year between Thanksgiving and Christmas. The Civic Club donates proceeds from the sale to many worthy causes in the community and is seeking additional members to help. More information on Civic Club may be found on Facebook, www.westborocivicclub.org or info@westborocivicclub.com.