Young Shrewsbury author announces first novel


By Catherine Twing, Contributing Writer

Young Shrewsbury author announces first novel
Dhriti Aiylam is a 2019 graduate of Shrewsbury High School and now a published author. Her first novel Double-Edged will be available Feb. 4.

Shrewsbury – If you’re looking for a new book to add to your reading list, consider a novel written by 18-year old Shrewsbury High School graduate Dhriti Aiylam.

Aiylam has always wanted to be a writer and began writing her young adult fantasy novel Double-Edged when she was just 14. The book is now available through Mascot Books.

She began writing the novel the summer before her sophomore year of high school while visiting family in India.

“I was writing it for fun and it turned into a book,” she explained. “I just wrote a chapter a day until it became a full length book.”

The young adult fantasy novel follows two girls, Lavenderra and Princess Kerra, who come from vastly different worlds.

“Embroiled in a brutal conflict, Princess Kerra and Lavenderra must fight both external and internal forces as they make difficult choices and realize that things aren’t quite as they seem,” the book’s description teases.

Her favorite genres are young adult, fantasy and mystery. While she reads many different authors, there isn’t a particular author who inspires her writing.

After working on her novel throughout high school, she began researching how to get her work published. Her mom heard about someone locally who had a book published which is what led them to Mascot Books.

Young Shrewsbury author announces first novel
Cover of book

“They’re a hybrid publisher. Half independent, half traditional,” Aiylam said. “They read your book and decide if they want to publish it, then you cover the cost.”

After about a year of edits, her book was accepted for publication and ready to go to print.

In addition to Double-Edged, Aiylam has written several short stories in the fantasy and mystery genres, available to read on her website( She writes for her school newspaper and has begun branching out into editorials and critical reviews.

Nowadays, however, she hasn’t had as much time to write stories as she is a freshman at Northeastern University studying psychology. She hasn’t decided on a minor yet but is considering writing.

“Right now I’m Pre-PA, just exploring my options. There are so many options with a psych major,” she said.

Along with writing, Aiylam is passionate about dance, art, and like most college students, sleeping.

A launch party is being planned at the Shrewsbury Public Library on Feb. 15 from 11 a.m. to 12 p.m.

She will also be holding a book signing at Tatnuck Bookseller in Westborough on Feb. 15 from 1 p.m.- 3 p.m. and another at Barnes and Noble in Worcester on Feb.  29 from 11 a.m. – 3 p.m.

Double-Edged is available for order online from Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Mascot Books beginning Feb. 4.


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