Letter to the Editor – A call to action in Northborough


To the Editor:

Did you know the town of Northborough saw a larger than usual number of staff moving on to greener pastures? The Board of Health Director left in 2018 followed by the Assistant Town Administrator along with an attempt in April, by the Town Administrator in 2019. And the Director of the Senior Center in 2020.

Did you know, there are many open seats on Town committees with a long standing vacancy on the Board of Health and Finance Committee; neither of which has been posted for application for some time now. The Personnel Board hasn’t met since November 2018.  A Job Classification Study was to be done in 2018, but 2 years later its results have yet to be disclosed.

Did you know, the responsibility for addressing this rests solely on the shoulders of the Selectmen. Have they been discussing any of these concerns?  What is our contingency plan for replacing the professionals when they leave or when they attempt to do so without prior notice?

There is a lot of fluff masquerading as Selectmen Reports with great concern over dog poop and consternation over changing their name but little to no discussion about how to make improvements in our downtown appearance; economic development; failing infrastructure; continuing fleet purchases under a six year capital budget program and not due to necessity and more.

It’s time to come to the polls and get involved. Vote for new members on the Board of Selectmen and hold the current ones accountable for leadership and how your taxes are spent.

Or not, and just turn off the lights when you leave.

Katherine Shackelford