Bock updates Westborough School Committee on issues related to COVID-19 crisis


By Andrew Strecker, Contributing Reporter

Westborough – Westborough’s School Committee met Wednesday, March 25, via video conference. The scheduled meeting covered many issues affecting the school district due to the COVID-19 emergency.

School Superintendent Amber Bock told the committee she is very aware of issues such as the anxieties faced by older students looking forward to college and anticipated careers, young children in the process of learning how to read and write, and special education needs. She commended the committee on their work addressing these and other issues, as well.

The school district is now operating with extended Alternative Learning Days, which is an online learning program typically used for events such as snow days. According to information from Bock on the district’s webpage, teachers can and will provide feedback and grades to guide student learning. The grades will provide information for class placement guidelines, course placement levels and promotion to next grades based on participation. The final closing grade average for this online time period will be pass/fail.

According to Bock, report cards will be issued for third quarter work up to March 13, and grades will be released on April 9.

Bock asked for managed expectations. “Everyone has an individual mental picture of how this should be managed, and it will take time to establish our best approaches.”

During the meeting Bock addressed food service support for students. In Westborough, out of approximately 4,000 students, about 460 receive food service support. The district is continuing to provide that support through bagged breakfasts and lunches available at Hastings Elementary and the High School.

Bock also said that bus drivers are being paid through their contract during this time.