Shrewsbury High School seniors spread musical cheer


Shrewsbury High School seniors spread musical cheer
(l to r) Kyra Ward, Hannah Henczel, Sophia Szal, and Meaghan Stearns outside the Shrewsbury Public Library,
Photo/Melanie Petrucci

By Melanie Petrucci, Senior Community Reporter

Shrewsbury – Making lemonade out of lemons, that’s what ukulele enthusiasts Kyra Ward, Hannah Henczel, Sophia Szal, and Meaghan Stearns, all Shrewsbury High School seniors, have been doing during the coronavirus pandemic.

Recently, the girls have been entertaining those passing through the Shrewsbury Town Center. They play together but six feet apart, taking the social distancing protocol seriously.

Their first foray was playing on the graveyard rock wall on Rt. 140 on May 2 and then they reprised their performance on May 4, this time in front of the Shrewsbury Public Library.

“Hannah and I came up with the idea when we decided to have a ukulele jam session in the cemetery parking lot,” Sophia said. “We thought it’d be fun to play on the side of the road and didn’t expect to get honks and thumbs up from drivers.”

“Afterwards, we decided to play again and we invited our friend Kyra as well. Meaghan showed up and played with us during our first ‘performance’ and we all enjoyed entertaining people so much we decided to keep doing it,” she added.

They arrived to perform on May 4 to spread some more cheer. They were a little more organized, wearing their red seniors t-shirts and armed with posters with one request: for people to “Honk their horns for hope.”

And vehicles did, creating another type joyful noise.

For more information, follow the girls on Instagram @uku_pocalypse.

IMG_8511 from Community Advocate Newspaper on Vimeo.

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