JoeCleans is your calm and trusted cleaning professional who is needed now more than ever


JoeCleans is your calm and trusted cleaning professional who is needed now more than ever
Joe Marinelli of JoeCleans
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By Melanie Petrucci, Senior Community Reporter

Region – JoeCleans has been recognized as a leader in the cleaning industry for nearly 40 years. They approach their residential and commercial clients with confidence and are calming and reassuring which is truly appreciated now more than ever because of COVID-19.

A trusted cleaning professional has never been more valued because of the role they play in preventing the further spread of the coronavirus. 

Joe Marinelli, the company’s owner, noted that he and his wife Robin started the business in 1981. Their mantra these days is “Keep Calm and Clean On.” They are also OCF as opposed to OCD – “Obsessive Compulsively Fussy!” he added. 

With a focus on his janitorial service, he said that he provides to his niche market of professional offices a standard custodial service that helps them convey a world-class image to the public. 

Being on the front lines, so to speak, JoeCleans offers a cleaning protocol that Marinelli has said he has been deploying since the flu season began. So when COVID-19 erupted locally in early March, he was ahead of the game.

“Many of my commercial clients called me and were alarmed by the pandemic.  When our janitorial customers call us up and say we would like you to come in and sanitize two dozen of our buildings, I tell them that I could do that but let me tell you what I’ve already been doing. They were very quickly comforted when I told them that we were already in our winter flu season protocol where we were already wiping down and sanitizing light switches, door knobs and counter tops before this all became a priority,” Marinelli explained. 

“Generally, I think people right now are just looking to minimize risks which is a logical thing to do,” he added. “I think the most effective way is very easy and familiar and that is basic soap and water.”

“If we are sending people out every day, they are checking themselves for an elevated temperature…We are also washing and applying disinfectant to any of our equipment that we bring into people’s homes and after every job so we are not transferring contaminants,” he noted. “We are taking every reasonable precaution.” 

“Just the act of washing at home is huge and people aren’t often set up properly to wash their carpets or their upholstery or drapes or even their tile and grout,” he added.

From carpet and hardwood floor care to tile and grout; his staff is also highly skilled with upholstery, drapes and fabric treatments.  They have an efficient way to tackle those household tasks and the outcome is amazing. 

With his mantra in mind, Marinelli said that they are not alarmist; they provide their services in a calm manner. He also underscored the value of what simple soap and warm water can do.

People who have been doing business with them since the early 80s trust and are comforted by them. 

“People that don’t know us will learn as we start doing business with them,” he said. 

“Keep Calm and Clean On” goes a long way these days. For more information about how 

JoeCleans can help you, visit or call 508-845-0229.


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