Westborough Veterans Advisory Board seeks to assist families of military personnel


Westborough Veterans Advisory Board seeks to assist families of military personnelWestborough – The Westborough Veterans Advisory Board (WVAB) has announced that is it currently gathering contact information for the families of Westborough military personnel. According to Paul Horrigan, the Board’s chair, “The Board wants to be ready to provide assistance, in any form needed, if and when the need arises.”

The board is seeking contact information for families of all Active Duty members serving at distance from the town, all Reserve/National Guard service members activated during the current crisis, and any veteran living in Westborough. Any information gathered this way will be kept confidential.

“Travel and communication has become more difficult during these times and families dealing with restrictions have an increased burden beyond that which they deal with during normal times. We are interested in helping these ‘left behind’ families in any way we can,” Horrigan said. “We also would like to ensure that we have the name, address and email of all veterans living in town to assist them in any way that we can.”

The Board is comprised of nine Westborough veterans and the Veteran Service Officer , John Gallinagh. Family members may contact Gallinagh at 508-366-3085 or email [email protected] with all contact information of the family/service member. The Board will only use the information to stay in contact with the family to check on their status, offer support, or send notices of other help available.