Plans approved to honor WHS seniors


By Jennifer L. Grybowski, Contributing Writer

Westborough – Westborough Public Schools Superintendent Amber Bock met with the Board of Selectmen (BOS) and Board of Health (BOH) Tuesday night to seek approval to move forward with the planning of activities for graduating seniors.

“I am currently working with the school administration and a wide range of volunteers to think about recognition for and the appropriate closure of the 2020 year for the seniors,” she said.

Bock reported that conversations with seniors yielded an overwhelming sentiment to defer graduation ceremonies to another time. That said, she noted that there are opportunities to “celebrate in a controlled manner.”

There will be a “senior week” held with a variety of taped events, including an online baccalaureate ceremony.

One “in person” event Bock is helping to create is a memory board stroll, tentatively scheduled for Saturday, June 6.

“The memory board is a longstanding tradition to present the trajectory of the student over the years,” she said.

The boards would be set up throughout the campus, and families as a unit can come together and walk on a one-way path through camps maintaining social distancing. She said there will be candles and music along the path.

“It will create the opportunity for our families to have some meaningful closure,” Bock said.

Only Westborough graduates and the immediate family they live with would be invited. She said staff, administration and the police department would work together to provide a safe experience for families.

Then, on Sunday, June 7, a car parade would be scheduled. Students would first be invited to come to campus and have administration deliver to them materials to be returned, as well as gifts from project graduation. This would also be an opportunity for the students to return any items such as technology or textbooks. Then, the students would drive on a pre-determined route in a parade fashion throughout the town.

The BOS and BOH were both in favor of the plans and gave their support to Bock.

In other school-related news at the meeting, there was a discussion about increasing signage at the track as the weather gets nicer to make sure there is appropriate social distancing.

“Lots of senior citizens like to walk the track because it’s a safe, flat surface,” Bock said. “I recognize it takes ongoing management and communication.”
She said she would also try to incorporate a better use of the upper field, recognizing that families will be likely looking for more outdoor spaces to utilize as the summer approaches.