Real estate, mindset and COVID-19


To the Editor: 


For the past 12 years I have been a Realtor. I began my real estate career during the financial crisis of 2008. At the time I did not know better and had made up my mind that I would succeed in real estate. I just closed a business and was deeply in debt. I am grateful I have an inbred work ethic that supersedes any skills I may have lacked. The first half of my real estate career I worked between 70-80+ hours a week. I had a steep learning curve, debts to repay and become buoyant again. I am not special, but I am relentless. That is what most people do when their back is against the wall. 

COVID-19 is all encompassing, horrible virus that has wreaked havoc on many peoples’ health, lively hood, finances, and the global economy. Towns and municipalities have been shut down, industries have been desolated and the financial markets have tumbled. The impact is world-wide. I am sure there will be people who need to relocate, downsize, upsize, and recover from the consequences of this virus. This virus has changed our mindsets. We can create a whole new life for ourselves. 

During this shut down I have seen the kindness of people helping their neighbors; making sure they have food, something to do and stay occupied while maintaining social distancing and isolation. I have witnessed employees at the grocery store helping those that are having difficulty, be it a physical limitation or taking money out of their own pockets to help pay for food. Talk about mindset! 

Many of our friends, neighbors, and clients have endured personal loss, professional ruin and a feeling of desperation but are relentless. I am deeply thankful for all the people who take care of the ill, the elderly, restock our shelves at the market, deliver our mail and pick up our trash. The list goes on and on who are more than doing their part to keep us going and inspired during this strange and difficult time. Remember YOU are relentless!


Kimberly Bagni,​ Realtor®

Four Seasons Realty Partners at ​LAER