Worcester mom and newborn son reunite after COVID-19 battle


Worcester – After giving birth to her third child, prematurely, Sarah Chama went to a COVID unit at UMass Memorial Hospital in Worcester and her son, Alex, went to the neo-natal intensive care unit (NICU) at the same hospital.

Today, 28 days after Alex was born, Sarah got to hold her son for the first time in the NICU.

In mid-April at 26 weeks pregnant, the Worcester mom of two was diagnosed with COVID-19 and quickly worsened – needing to be intubated and then a tracheostomy.

Alex was born on April 23 at 27 ½ weeks by c-section. He has needed help with breathing and eating but he is progressing and gaining weight. His father, Alex, was able to see his son over the weekend but his siblings are going to have to wait a few more weeks to meet their brother in-person.

“I loved the experience of holding my baby boy for the first time,” said Sarah Chama. “He’s such a good boy.”

(Our thanks to UMass Memorial Hospital for sharing this story.)