Eyeing the recovery


Eyeing the recoveryTo the Editor: 

Chambers of Commerce around the world have been champions of free enterprise for over 400 years, rallying around everything from job creation to community response during war efforts, disaster response and unsteady economic times.

COVID-19 is no different, and during this national healthcare crisis, the collective worldwide chamber community is leading the charge in driving plans for business preparedness during the pandemic and the economic recovery and growth that must follow.

We acknowledge that our travel, hospitality, healthcare, insurance, retail and service industries have been hit hard by this economic downturn and we are working around the clock to support them and others.

The pressing question is how as a business networking organization, do chambers execute this in a time when “networking” is scarcely possible? Here are some ways in which the Marlborough Regional Chamber of Commerce is leading our business community in planning and preparing for economic recovery:

  • Being a resource for fact-based data, information and education on COVID-19 and business sustainability through this pandemic. 
  • Encouraging corporate generosity. Chambers around the world are being asked to facilitate corporate response and support to hospitals, senior care facilities, food and supplies, logistics and thousands of other needs. 
  • Advocating at the federal, state and local levels for policies and strategies that will help our members, partners, public safety and government leaders to navigate, structure and lead during this time. 
  • Leading by example. Follow government guidelines and implement them by postponing events and programs to later dates.

We will emerge from this pandemic, but it goes without saying that there will be lasting impact to our economy. It is during this time where chambers can make the biggest difference and live up to our historical reputation for leading business sustainability and resiliency. Connecting our members, hosting networking events, convening local response, promoting products, people and our communities – these are all ways in which we continue to keep our eyes on the horizon toward recovery! 

Rob Schlacter

President/CEO Marlborough Regional Chamber of Commerce


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