Endorsement for Moe DePalo for Shrewsbury BOS


Endorsement for Moe DePalo for Shrewsbury BOS

Dear Editor,


It’s my distinct honor to endorse the candidacy of Moe DePalo for his reelection to the Shrewsbury Board of Selectmen.  I’ve known Moe for many years, and have observed how he actively listens and follows up on any and all concerns brought to his attention.  Moe has the ability to quickly understand key issues and is dogged in his desire to perform comprehensive due diligence to reach a fair and balanced decision.  I’ve observed Moe’s deep historic understanding of the unique challenges our Town faces, as well as his desire to be unbiased and fair in his dealings with everyone in town.  Given our current state of affairs, it is especially important that we re-elect Moe DePalo so he may continue his admirable work on our behalf.



Maribeth Lynch

Owner, Thrive Real Estate

Shrewsbury, MA

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