Gone in a Flash


By Alana McCarthy

Alana McCarthy — a sixth grade student at the Mill Pond School in Westborough.



There is a thief that has robbed me.

He travels from continent to continent,

missing not a single town.

Swooping down, stealing laughter and lives,

like a seagull snatching your sandwich.

His name is COVID…COVID-19. 


The only way to avoid him is to 


on my own island, wearing a mask,

while keeping a wary eye on the horizon

watching for the rising waves

of COVID. 


Still, he will find the weakness in our defense,

allowing him to continue

his world tour,

leaving no stone unturned,

Robbing us of socializing, sports,

shopping and school.


No school:  my dream come true!

But wait! No friends! No social activities at all!

Soon I find myself yearning,

just to hear the squeak of tennis shoes,

on the polished gym floor,

for normal to be, once again.


COVID is as sneaky as a fox,

for he lurks on groceries, doorknobs,

and more. 

He can inhabit you,

without you realizing he is there!

This is what makes him most dangerous of all.


I, for one, hate the uncertainty of it all!

When will I get to see my friends, once more?

Shall a cure ever be found?

Will this be over, come fall?

These questions bounce around my mind,

the answers unknown.

A life, my life, once full of fun and joy,

is now a dark tunnel with no end in sight!

All it took was one careless mistake,

to birth this thief, and only one it took to spread it.

To spread it to my town, Westborough.

I blinked, and my former life was gone, in a flash!


The author is a sixth grade student at the Mill Pond School in Westborough.