In support of DePalo for Shrewsbury BOS


In support of DePalo for Shrewsbury BOS

To the Editor:

Moe has been an integral part of the tremendous growth in our town since his first year as selectman. Mr. DePalo knows the people of Shrewsbury well and he takes the time to see the full picture, ask questions and seek people out, before making decisions.

I have seen firsthand how Mr. DePalo works tirelessly to improve his home town.  I had the privilege of working with Moe on the 2014 override campaign where he was a visible champion and voice for a strong school system and a fiscally well-run town.  I also had the privilege of working with Mr. DePalo on the campaign to expand the Shrewsbury Public Library, a project which took years to approve, but which Moe steadfastly supported because he understood the impact that the improvement of such a historic building would have on the heart of Shrewsbury.

Mr. DePalo is acutely sensitive to the needs of our more vulnerable residents, in particular children and seniors.  Moe has been a long-term supporter of Shrewsbury Youth and Family Services, advocating on their behalf for more town funding and actively supporting their mission.  He espouses their values to do everything he can for those who need it. 

We need the experience, dedication and heart of Moe DePalo as selectman. Please re-elect Moe DePalo on June 16th.


Kathleen Keohane


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