Vote for Maselli and Milton in Northborough


To the Editor: 


The Northborough town election is scheduled for Tuesday, June 30.  Residents need to send a message that a new economic direction, fairer tax system and expenditure reductions are wanted.  Continued growth is not progress when at all cost.  Much needed is a no increase in annual cost budget, a decrease in expenditures for equipment and limits on the size and number of homes.  Seniors and those others on fixed or low incomes need a reduced property tax burden.  Please vote to re-elect Millie Milton to the Planning Board and Lisa Maselli as selectman.  Both ladies will bring an infusion of new ideas and energy so drastically desired.  They are not afraid to ask questions, consider alternate ways of doing things and shaking up the status quo.  We need representation that will challenge the ever increasing high cost of living in our town.  Millie and Lisa will provide us fresh perspectives and fight for change.  You are all encouraged to cast your vote in their name.


Gib Chase