Shrewsbury Scavenger Hunt brings fun and a great way to get out of the house – all for charity


By Melanie Petrucci, Senior Community Reporter

Team Goofy Ducks

Shrewsbury – What do Carol Baskin’s Cool Cats & Kittens, Teem Homeskool and SherLocked Homes have in common? They are all team names from the 30 teams that participated in a Scavenger Hunt Fundraiser in Shrewsbury May 31.

“Shrewsbury residents were looking to get out of their houses, so we decided that we wanted to plan something fun and I think that this a good way to bring some positivity to the town and bring everyone together in a socially distanced way,” said event committee member Andrea Castinetti.

She and fellow residents Stephen Trotto, Beth Shae Bryant, Carlos Garcia, Gary Hunter, Mary Depew, Michelle Roy Brown and Bob Wiggin hosted the event.

Inspiration from the headlines, pop culture and a lot of television binge-watching during the pandemic informed people’s creativity in coming up team names, themes and costumes.

Over 100 people of all ages gathered at Shrewsbury High School for a kick-off and met back up at the conclusion at Sherwood Middle School.

Teams had four hours to solve roughly 40 clues that included riddles and word scrambles to find their destinations. Teams were asked to take photos or videos of them singing songs such as “Sweet Caroline” at the Dean Park Bandstand and dance the “Chicken Dance” and “The Floss” at select locations.

Wiggin shared that roughly $1,300 in proceeds was raised to benefit The Kindness Coalition and Worcester Pride.

The A-Team won first prize overall and in second place was Carol Baskin’s Cool Cats & Kittens who also won best costume and mascot. SherLocked Homes came in first place for best team name.

Team Extreme at Prospect Park
Carol Baskin’s Cool Cats & Kittens
Team SherLocked Homes