Algonquin Regional graduates 338


By Jeff Slovin, Contributing Writer

Superintendent Gregory Martineau directs graduating senior Artem Segarra towards the stage.

Northborough – The 338 seniors from the Algonquin Regional High School class of 2020 graduated during a special socially-distance ceremony June 7.  Each senior and their family drove up to the ceremony during individually scheduled timeslots.  The seniors walked across the stage to receive their diplomas while “Pomp and Circumstance” played over the loudspeakers, while their families watched from the comfort of their cars, guaranteeing everyone a front row seat.  Many families decorated their cars with balloons, signs and streamers for the occasion.

Photos/Jeff Slovin

A graduate shows off a message on her cap as she approaches the Algonquin Regional graduation ceremony.
Lauren Robert and Samuel Robert show off their diplomas as the pose for a photo.
Elizabeth DeVarney is all smiles as she shows off her diploma.
A graduate hops out of his car as he arrives at the ceremony.
A graduate shows off his diploma as his family watches from their car.
Siblings Apple and Jack Lin pose with their diplomas.
A family arrives at the ceremony in a highly decorated car.