Vote for Moe DePalo for Shrewsbury Selectmen


Vote for Moe DePalo for Shrewsbury Selectmen

To the Editor: 


It is easy to forget that we have a delayed town election on June 16. Elections matter and I am again supporting Moe DePalo for re-election to the Board of Selectmen. Moe’s years of experience on the Board have given him immense institutional insight and the ability to react appropriately to the needs of the community. He has been a steady and balanced supporter of public education, safety and the municipal operations. Moe’s service reflects his values. He always seeks the right balance to each of these critical areas. It’s very difficult to know just how well Shrewsbury will fair due to the pandemic but I want someone like Moe there to help lead us through this critical period. Moe knows all aspects of this town better than anyone.  As a former Selectman I had the privilege of working with Moe on the Board, the School Building Committee and the Fiscal Study Committee. His fair and strong leadership is needed and I fully support him in is re-election bid. 


Henry Fitzgerald


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