Westborough to hold Town Election Saturday, June 13


Westborough – The town of Westborough will be holding its annual Town Election this Saturday, June 13 at Memorial Hall, Town Hall, 34 West Main Street, from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.

Candidates for elective office include:

Moderator (3 year term) – Vote for 1

John E. Arnold – Candidate for Re-Election

Town Clerk (3 year term) – Vote for 1

Wendy L. Mickel – Candidate for Re-Election

School Committee (3 year term) – Vote for 2

Lisa R. Edinberg – Candidate for Re-Election, and Raghu Nandan

Assabet Valley Regional Vocational District School (4 year term) – Vote for 1

Paul L. George – Candidate for Re-Election

Planning Board (5 year term) – Vote for 1


Trustees of the Public Library (3 year term) – Vote for 3

Patricia Fontes, William Linnane and Dorothy Mello, all Candidates for Re-Election

  • Westborough Housing Authority (5 year term) – Vote for 1
  • Joan Pavolis – Candidate for Re-Election


The election was originally scheduled for March 17 but was postponed due to the pandemic.