New mindset and retraining by police needs to happen


New mindset and retraining by police needs to happenTo the Editor:


In light of the recent attacks on Black people, there has been a global protest and uprising. Unity, strength and concern have spread and people from all races and socioeconomic backgrounds have retaliated “enough is enough”, no more attacks on our brothers and sisters by the police! 


What is ironic is that the police are public servants employed by towns and states to “protect and serve” its citizens. Other public servants include firemen, EMTs, teachers, doctors and nurses. When taxpayers call for help, they have a right to expect a well-trained, respectful public servant to assist; citizens count on a level of calmness, fairness and caring that all public servants should engage in. There should not be scare tactics, brute strength and bullying involved ever. Instead there should be compassion, respect and understanding when public servants respond. 


A new mindset and retraining by police needs to happen. I would suggest that police training mimic the training that firemen and EMTs use when they are called to respond. There should be a level of calmness, fairness, respect that unites us all regardless of skin color, religion and neighborhood. If you need to use bullying tactics and force to scare, hurt and kill your fellow man perhaps you are in the wrong profession. And as taxpayers, who pay the salaries of public servants it is our moral duty to demand that retraining begin now and that racial injustice ends. Do not let the life of George Floyd be taken in vein, demand that no one ever be allowed to bully, hurt or kill another person again. 


Maureen McNamara 


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