Northborough Town Meeting should not be held indoors


Northborough Town Meeting should not be held indoorsTo the Editor:

I am writing to express my disagreement with the [Monday, June 22 Northborough] town meeting being held as an indoor, in person meeting. I find the directive from the state and the choices the town has made in regards to school, recreation programming, business directive, funerals, weddings etc. to be in direct contrast to what is being suggested for town meeting. I have attended town meeting for at least the past 5 years and I find it to be a very important meeting for all town members. I believe this scenario does not account for our immune compromised town members, our elderly town members, and just town members in general like myself who are trying to follow guidelines. Our household as well as most of those that I know have not even had visitors in our home and have just started stretching social distancing with outdoor visits from friends. I find it careless for the town to then suggest we gather as a group in an indoor space. Especially when we have multiple other options such as in one of our many fields, in the large parking lots at Algonquin, with the warrant sent in advance and an administrative gathering cast on Northboro Cable with a number to call into with questions on warrants and voting via mail afterwards.

Communities all around us are coming up with creative solutions. I find it very hard to believe that as a town we can’t have a more inclusive, creative solution.

I would encourage other town members to also reach out to our town moderator and board:

[email protected]; [email protected]; [email protected]; [email protected];

[email protected]; [email protected]


Sherry Clark