Our Educators


By Reina Rago



The demands are deep.

The expectations wide.

The struggles fierce.


And You, our Educators, rise every time,


To meet the needs of our children,

To guide them with tender care,

To challenge their thinking.


Uncertainty fell upon us

with the arrival of Covid-19.

Lessons and schedules interrupted,

Year-end celebrations cancelled,

Students and families lost and confused.


And You, our Educators, found a way,


To connect with families,

To engage with students,

To assure the community our children will succeed.


The world is still spinning,

at times a bit blurry

with more unknowns than we ever thought.


And, You, our Educators, continue to embrace change,


To generate solutions,

To inspire young minds,

To share your light of love and hope.


And we, the Westborough Community, thank you,

again, and again.


Rago is an educator who resides in Westborough and is a member of the Westborough Rotary Club.

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