Re-elect Perreault to Northborough BOS


Re-elect Perreault to Northborough BOSTo the Editor:


Jason Perreault has earned re-election to the Northborough Board of Selectmen. In the two decades he has served on town boards, he has been a model of civic engagement—informed, analytical, and receptive to input. The Town of Northborough has an enviable record of maintaining excellent schools and other public services, as well as fiscal stability and responsibility, even through the great recession that started in 2008. Not all of Northborough’s success through those times was due to luck; a lot of it was due to good government. Jason is as responsible as anyone for that good government, through his thoughtful leadership on the Financial Planning Committee and later on the Board of Selectmen. Externalities are once again not so favorable. The economic and social challenges to towns posed by the Covid-19 pandemic make experienced leaders like Jason Perreault even more valuable than usual. I urge everyone to vote for him June 30th.


Anthony Poteete